Member of the NACBT Certified in Rational Living Therapy (RLT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Our Specialty is People

Because we use the Rational Living Approach (RLT a from of CBT), our therapy is an excellent solution for adults and teens suffering with difficulties such as anxiety, depression, moodiness and low self-esteem among other issues that also effect behaviors.

NEBH will teach you the skills to set life-goals, think and make choices more effectively and therefore feel and act more confidently. Our goal is to help you start living and loving your own life!

Rational Living Therapy (RLT)

Preceding every single feeling we have or action we partake in is a thought. Our brains are wired to Think, Feel and then Act (in that precise order). If we change our thoughts than it makes perfect sense that our feelings and actions should also change. This is the basis of Rational Living Therapy (a form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)).

Changing Irrational Thoughts

"It is not people and situations that cause our problems but what we think about people and situations that cause our problems." (Pucci, 2002).

If people and situations were the cause of all our difficulties, then we would have no control over our lives and situations; hence seeing a behavioral specialist would be deemed useless. The good news is that we do have complete control over what we think. Changing our thinking and our approach can help us to evaluate specific situations, adapt to these situations and deal with them more reasonably and effectively (Pucci, 2002).

As human beings our perceptions are not always accurate and we often times jump to conclusions without evaluating situations or gathering evidence. This is the basis of irrational thinking (Pucci, 2002). . NEBH can help individuals learn how to step back, evaluate the situation and make proper choices before reacting or "overreacting" We will teach you the life-long skills that you desire, in order to help you think about and approach situations more calmly and rationally than ever before; therefore making proper decisions, feeling better and behaving/reacting more rationally.